Photos © by Ingrid Hertfelder & Totho/Nina Berfelde


Thomas Janze | Regisseur


Studium an der Filmuniversität Babelsberg. Regie für Live-Konzerte, Festivals, Live-Events und Talkshows. Volkswagen Sound Foundation, Bauhaus100, Reeperbahn Elbphilharmonie, 10 Jahre ARTE Concert, Peace x Peace Festival, Jazzfest Berlin, Greentech Festival, Mercedes-Benz Fashionweek, Thadeusz und die Künstler, u.v.a.


Film University Babelsberg alumni. Multi-camera video director.


Documentaries produced by TJ

coming soon

The history of the Queercore movement and its cultural response with special focus on its music (Peaches, Gossip, among others)


The first documentary to analyze the role of women in horror film – from the hunted to the huntress (soundtrack by Fantômas)

Der rote Elvis.

About the US American singer & actor Dean Reed who ended his life in East Germany in 1986 (soundtrack by Monomango)